Exploring Our Product Collection: Discover the Perfect Item for Different Food Packaging

Guangdong Qixing Packing has different product series, such as ice cream, yogurt, hot and cold drink, snacks food, paper box and so on. Here is simple introduction about its products for you.


1. Ice Cream Cup

Ice cream paper cups come in a variety of sizes, from small 4 oz cups for kids or smaller servings, to large 28 oz cups for those who simply can't get enough of frozen treats.

Each cup is made from food grade paper with PE coating. Of course. You can customize your cup with your own unique logo or design as marketing tool for your business.

Plus, our cups are stackable and easy to store, making them perfect for ice cream parlors or vendors who need a space-saving storage solution.

2. Yogurt Cup

Yogurt cups of Guangdong Qixing Packing are mainly paper-plastic cups. The inner cup is made of durable PP plastic, which is a food-grade material, safe and non-toxic. It's perfect for holding yogurt or other dairy products, etc.. The outer layer is food grade paper, which can be printable. It means you can customize and personalize it to your liking.


There is different printing effect:


Bright and laser film effect


Frosted Matte effect


Matte film effect


Matte aluminum effect


3D glossy aluminum and embossed effect

There are also various of sizes yogurt cups could be chosen, from 4oz to 12oz. If you need custom size, we also have a professional R&D team to provide service for you.

3. Drink Cup

Drink paper cups are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of customers from cafes and restaurants to offices and homes. The cups come in a variety of sizes from 4 oz to 20 oz to meet the needs of clients.

There are single wall and double wall paper cups in Qixing Packing.


3.1 Single wall paper cup

Single wall paper cups are suitable for both hot and cold drink packing. Most of them are made from food grade paper with PE or PLA coating. They can come with lids, making them nice for different kinds of drink packing.

3.2 Double wall paper cup

Double wall hollow paper cups have excellent heat-insulation effect, which is a good choice for coffee, tea or other hot beverage.

Customization services for paper cups is available, which allow you to create your own unique designs on cups. This is good for promoting your brand or creating a unique look for your business.


4. Snacks Food Cups


Next, let’s see the snacks food paper cup. Made from food grade paper materials and adopted special technology, these cups can keep your snacks products safe and spill-free.

They have different sizes for any snack packaging, like popcorn, mixed dried fruit, sliced fruit, instant noodles packing, etc.. Customizing your special design for cups is available, which can make your product packaging unique.

5. Paper Box

Guangdong Qixing Packing provides a variety of options for food packaging paper boxes. Made from thicken paper material, these boxes are designed to keep food packaging wonderful and upscale.

Paper boxes are available in various sizes, shapes and styles to meet the needs of different customers. They can also be customized with printed designs or branding to enhance their appearance and publicity. Paper boxes are ideal for packaging different food items such as baked goods, chocolates, potato chips, and more.

In addition, the company also provide other accessories. If you would like to know more, please see the product catalogue.


Post time: May-17-2023